Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Comes out On Same Sex

The media is having a field day carefully cutting out just the right snippet to throw massive fuel on the fire. Today I applaud and cheer President Obama for his public stance on same-sex marriage. Now, will the so-called Jesus lovers stop the hate and think of ways to show grace to their homosexual brothers and sisters? Probably not since it's not just Jesus these conservatives love, but rules and regulations.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh man, some white people I get Gretchen, she thinks the office shouldn't do comed shows (unless it's Mitt). Double standards much? But she has a point. But wow, 'the rap'? Her co-hosts are nutjobs.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.
Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength To Love, 1963.

In 50 years our political discourse has run amok. The 'two party' system we cherish has been fragmented to the point of no repair. What now?

Maybe a step back to remember where we came from will refresh our insight and improve our future....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

on this day

1968 - Apollo Program: The crew of Apollo 8 enter into orbit around the Moon, becoming the first humans to do so. They performed 10 lunar orbits and broadcast live TV pictures that became the famous Christmas Eve Broadcast, one of the most watched programs in history.
1914 - World War I: The "Christmas truce" begins.
1777 - Kiritimati, also called Christmas Island, was discovered by James Cook.

0 - Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
1923 - George Patton IV, American general (d. 2004).

1 death:
1992 - Bobby LaKind, American musician and singer (The Doobie Brothers) (b. 1945)